Funding Story

Established in 2012 by a group of passionate professionals with a diversity of experience, Inspire Scotland is recognised as a leading provider of residential care, registered on the National Framework for Children’s Residential Care and Education Services.

With more than 11 homes across Scotland, the business champions a modern approach to residential care based on principals of social pedagogy and the Solihull approach. This ensures young people get the kind of root-and-branch support and opportunities essential to creating home lives that lead to flourishing futures.

The latest transaction represents ThinCats continued support for the business, having provided growth capital in 2020 to secure a number of additional sites.

We are dedicated to securing the futures of all the children and young people that come into our care. The funding from ThinCats gives us even greater control over our own destiny and we are grateful to Richard and the team for their continued support

Connor Martin, Inspire Scotland

Richard Henshaw, Director National Healthcare, ThinCats: “This recent transaction represents our belief in the vision and strength of the management team at Inspire. They have big plans for the future and we are delighted to be on that journey with them.”

Stephen North, Synergy Commercial Finance: “It was a pleasure working with Richard on this latest transaction, the whole process although had its challenges was handled brilliantly, and I know the team at Inspire really like the hands on approach.