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ThinCats has been at the forefront of the Alternative Finance industry since 2011

The ambitions of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) have been severely constrained by the banks. This needed to change. Liberated from ivory tower thinking, inefficiency and high overheads, ThinCats provides a focused, responsive and accountable service, enabling UK businesses to seize opportunities, grow revenues and expand into new areas.

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Here's What Our Clients Say...

"The funds have not only allowed me to buy out my former business partner, but will also allow us to drive expansion."

Rick Alphonso, Managing Director at EuroFreight Shipping Agencies. West Midlands 

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“I value ThinCats understanding of risk; they try to work out how the deal could be done, rather than look for reasons why it shouldn’t be done."

Neil Davidson, Managing Director at Alderburn Finance. Scotland

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“Opportunity to invest in a range of companies with interest rates (and risk) above the market.”

ThinCats Investor, online survey

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