Business Finance Services

Who are we?

Business Finance Services Ltd (BFS) was established in 2002 by Peter Douglas, the current MD, and Tony Schofield, an experienced accountant and finance director (who has since retired). The business does what the name implies. We help SMEs raise finance for their business. This finance can take many forms, from bank lending to equity investment and grants where appropriate. We also have a large number of specialist lenders that we can call upon for the more unusual situations. Details of our full range of services are given on our web site

Independence is Key

One of the key tenets of the way we work is that the company (the borrower) is our client, not the lender. We are totally independent business finance consultants with no ties to any specific lenders. When we meet a potential client for the first time we do so with a totally open mind: we do not go into the meeting with any fixed ideas on what type of lending or which lender will be used. Only once we have heard the client’s story and understand their business will we consider the appropriate source(s) of funding.

We work with SMEs in all stages of development – from startups to well established businesses. We also have many contacts in other related disciplines so, if we cannot offer the particular service a client requires, we can usually put them in touch with someone who can. We are particularly good at ‘shepherding’ our clients, especially the less experienced ones, through the funding application process. We also believe very strongly in maintaining an on-going, post-funding, relationship with our clients. This is why we feel so at home with the ThinCats philosophy.

Working with ThinCats

We are now delighted to be working as a Sponsor for Thin Cats. This fills an important gap that we had identified in our product range. Crowd Funding has become an important source of finance for SMEs who either cannot satisfy the rigid security requirements of the traditional Lenders or are not prepared to accept the loan conditions imposed by those lenders. In our opinion crowd funding will continue to be increasingly important in the future as it provides a level of funding flexibility that the more traditional lenders cannot match.

The BFS Team

Currently there are two Directors of BFS.

Peter Douglas – A Founder of the business with experience of working both within large international corporations and, more recently, of setting up and successfully running his own businesses. In his early career Peter was involved in export sales & marketing and more recently in sourcing commercial finance.

Paul Atkins – Paul joined the business in 2013 with a long background in banking, invoice finance and SME funding.

In addition we can call upon the services of a number of Associates who are experts in particular areas – accountancy, company law, HR etc.

In short, BFS comprises a group of professionals whose purpose is to help SMEs to raise the finance they need to grow their business and to provide on-going support as that business grows. As we say to our clients we are in it for the long term. If you would like more information about us and our services fell free to call us on 0800 093 5240 or e-mail us at We do not charge for an initial “get to know you” chat.

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