Retail Investor Statistics 

All figures represent the loans listed on ThinCats Platform with a participation from retail lenders.

Loan book Statistics 

Last updated - 31/05/2019

  Lifetime Total 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
Value of loans originated £310,299,000 £271,000 £40,946,000 £57,936,000 £64,606,000     £57,234,000     £39,616,000    
Average value of a loan to a single borrower £432,669 £271,000 £1,137,389 £650,966 £478,563 £394,717 £307,101
Number of loans originated 718 1 36 89 135 145 129
Weighted average interest rate 10.75% 9.5% 9.36% 10.02% 11.47% 11.66% 11.24%
Annualised loss rate 3.37% 0.00% 0.71% 3.34% 4.47% 5.09% 2.84%
Net annualised return 7.38% 9.50% 8.65% 6.68% 7.00% 6.57% 8.39%


Average value of a loan to a single borrower: the aggregate value of loans drawdown on the same date to a single borrower

Number of loans originated:  counting loans drawn on the same date to a single borrower

Weighted Average Interest Rate: the contracted rate of interest receivable by lenders, excluding the effect of any charges and taxes payable by lenders and excluding any losses.

Annualised Loss Rate: the loss rate divided by the weighted average life of the loan – being the actual life where a loan has been fully repaid or the period to the contracted repayment date of a loan which remains outstanding. For 2018, Loss Rate is based on the weighted average median loss for 2018 origination from the ThinCats Prism model.

Net Annualised Return: Weighted Average Interest Rate less the Annualised Loss Rate.


Actual Default Rates

Last updated – 31/05/2019

  2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
Arrears - 0.70% - - - -
Default rate - 2.81% 27.01% 25.38% 23.77% 22.40%

Loss rate

- 1.59% 6.65% 9.11% 10.08% 8.20%

Expected lifetime bad debt rate

2.00% 2.00% 2.00% 5.00% 5.00% 7.25%


Arrears: Loans which have, at the time of reporting, an overdue payment of capital and/or interest by 45 days but less than 120 days, expressed as a percentage of the loans made in that year.

Defaulted Rate: Loans where a payment of capital and/or interest has been overdue for more than 120 days, as a percentage of the loans made in that year, based on the capital amount outstanding on the loan at the date of default prior to any recoveries. Previous calculations were based on the value of capital outstanding at point of calculation.

Loss Rate: Losses after the actual or potential recovery of capital on defaulted loans as a percentage of the loans made in that year.

Loss rates do not take account of any unpaid interest on defaulted loans or any recovery fees payable. Potential recoveries represent our best estimates of the amount recoverable based on the information available at the time of reporting; and as such will vary over time and are not an accurate indicator of future results.

Expected Lifetime Bad Debt Rate: The expected lifetime bad debt at origination date as a percentage of amount lent in the calendar year. Forecast is not an indicator of future results



Additional disclosures

Last updated – 31/05/2019

  Lifetime total 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
Actual Lifetime Bad Debt 15.62% - 2.81% 21.76% 21.21% 18.10% 16.68%
Actual Return 65.91% 1.72% 0.70% 38.38% 75.25% 75.10% 78.22%

Estimated Annual Return at Origination

- 7.50% 7.36% 8.02% 6.47% 6.66% 3.99%

Percentage of Amount Lent realised

67.05% 1.72% 0.82% 40.51% 75.253% 81.90% 85.21%


Actual Lifetime Bad Debt: Total bad debt (defaults less actual recoveries) over the lifetime of the loans expressed as a percentage of the amount lent in a calendar year (this is not an annualised number).

Actual Return: principal repaid as a proportion of the amount lent in a calendar year.

Estimated Annual Return at origination: A percentage of the amount lent after fees and estimated bad debts.

Percentage of Amount Lent realised: Expressed as the percentage of principal repaid after excluding bad debts.

Projected Lifetime Bad Det Rate: latest bad debt projection for each yearly cohort using actual performance from the cohort to date plus projected future loss.



Past performance is not a guide to future returns, and your capital is at risk when lending to businesses. As you are lending to your own individual portfolio of loans, actual returns may be higher or lower than estimated.

It can take up to five years for loans to be fully repaid, so statistics take into account how each year of loans are currently performing and how we currently expect them to perform in future. These expectations may be revised, for example if macroeconomic conditions change, statistics may be adjusted to reflect this.

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