Why Invest in Loans to Businesses?

Lending to businesses is one of the very few opportunities open to retail investors to invest directly in alternative assets. Alternative assets typically offer returns which are not directly affected by the volatility of financial markets like the London Stock Exchange. This means that lending can be a great way of diversifying your investment portfolio at the same time as earning potentially attractive returns, both for investors still saving and for those looking to obtain a regular income.

Investors should note their capital is at risk when lending, and that their investment is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Learn more about the risks.




Many other leading alternative lenders decide which loans to allocate to their investors, but ThinCats investors choose which loans they want to invest in themselves.

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Informed Decisions

Comprehensive information is provided for every opportunity, alongside the ThinCats grading system.



Loans are backed by security and subject to a formal credit review, prior to being listing on our platform for investors. Loan security does not remove the risk of losing your capital.

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Secondary Market

ThinCats has a Secondary Market which enables you to offer your loans for sale to other investors if you want to realise your investment early.

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All investment opportunities support established, growing businesses from a variety of sectors and geographies, driving the UK economy.



Attractive returns. You could be earning interest rates of 7% to 8%*, depending on your investments




It is important to understand that by investing through ThinCats your capital is at risk.  You are making direct loans to corporate businesses, and if for some reason they fail to repay, there is a chance your money will be lost or there will be a delay in repayment. Additionally, your money is not covered for compensation in the event of loss by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.


More About Risks




  • Accounts registered from January 1st 2018 are subject to a Lender Fee

  • A successful disposal of a loan on the Secondary Market is subject to a fee for the seller

  • Where a loan enters into default and is subject to recovery, additional fees may apply


More About Fees



Straightforward Process


Register as an investor

Receive your account details and deposit funds

Browse our market for loans. Evaluate each offering before making a decision

Invest your money in £1,000s in the loans you want to fund

Receive interest and capital payments


Start investing


Investment opportunities

Build a diversified portfolio

  • Lend to corporate businesses across multiple industry sectors and regions in the UK
  • Create your bespoke portfolio by selecting individual loans, using our credit and security ratings to match your risk appetite
  • Choose repayment types and loan terms to suit your income requirements and to ensure diversification of your investment portfolio
  • Active secondary market for quicker access to your funds



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