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Responding to demand for private equity lower-mid market funding

12th Oct 2020   ·   The ThinCats Team   ·   Insights

One of the consequences of processing more than 1.6 million government backed loan scheme applications is that banks and alternative lenders have been limited in how much “business as usual funding” they could support. This is especially so for those type of deals such as MBOs or some private equity backed deals that were ineligible for CBILS or CLBILS funding.

Pent up demand for M&A funding as government backed loan schemes approach end date

1st Oct 2020   ·   The ThinCats Team   ·   Insights

Now that the government loan schemes are coming to an end, we recognise there is a growing pent up demand for funding that was not eligible under these schemes. For example, businesses may be looking to acquire new distribution capabilities or rearrange the ownership structure of the business.

How to plan for a transition in business ownership

24th Oct 2019   ·   The ThinCats Team   ·   Insights

A succession plan, lays out how you see the business transitioning, to whom, and the necessary steps along the way to make this happen.

Why you should use Corporate Advisers when structuring a company sale

4th Sep 2019   ·   Andy Haigh, Partner at BHP Corporate Finance   ·   Insights

Andy Haigh, partner at BHP Corporate Finance, explains the value that corporate advisers bring in structuring a company buy-out

ThinCats delivers £1m ‘agile finance facility’ to fund MBO and substantial contract win for Firtitudo Ltd

24th Apr 2018   ·   The ThinCats Team   ·   Funding Stories

Firtitudo Ltd has secured a £1m funding facility from alternative finance provider, ThinCats.

Fulfilling MBO and growth ambitions with a £1M funding facility – WG Carter’s story

4th Apr 2018   ·   The ThinCats Team   ·   Funding Stories

WG Carter Ltd specialises in the renovation and construction of high quality residential homes across Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds. In addition to luxury new build projects, the team carefully renovates beautiful country houses and restores them to glory, bringing them up to date with the latest services and decoration, whilst preserving their history and features for future generations.

Supporting a strong manufacturing line

28th Mar 2018   ·   The ThinCats Team   ·   Funding Stories

ThinCats is helping shake up a Derby-based linear vibratory systems and parts handling business with a £1m loan to fund an MBO.

Alternative Finance in Focus – Edmonds & Slatter's funding story

2nd Mar 2018   ·   The ThinCats Team   ·   Funding Stories

However strong your business proposition, realising it through a cashflow-based loan can be nigh-on impossible through traditional channels. Banks these days are reluctant to lend on anything other than bricks and mortar.

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