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Bank branch cull shifts business lending expertise to alternative finance

15/02/2019 - The ThinCats Team

The high street bank continues its move from community cornerstone to museum piece – to the detriment of Britain’s small businesses.

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Selling your business? Have a look at employee ownership

15/11/2018 - The ThinCats Team

Employee ownership is becoming an ever-more popular way for owners to sell their business. In recent months, firms as varied as book producers, landscape gardeners and a niche operation doing luxury conversions of VW campervans have taken the decision to go down the route pioneered by John Lewis. Even shadow chancellor John McDonnell seems to want to get in on the act

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In SME finance, there’s no need to give in at the first rejection

12/11/2018 - The ThinCats Team

When you take out car insurance do you just opt for the first quote you get, very unlikely. The same goes for a mortgage, an investment fund or a pension plan. You shop around via the internet, a broker or an aggregation service

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Success from succession: Structuring and funding an employee buy-out

08/11/2018 - The ThinCats Team

Employee-owned businesses saw a major boost to their popularity once their advantages were enshrined in legislation through the Employee Ownership Trust in 2014. The EOT is a form of employee benefit trust, but with distinctive features and tax advantages.

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When fate hands you a Lehman

11/09/2018 - The ThinCats Team

How the collapse of global finance a decade ago decimated SME lending and catalysed an alternative

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Top tips for accessing finance – a guide for UK SMEs

10/09/2018 - Dave Sherrington

The UK’s rapidly expanding small business sector is something of a sleeping giant, with young companies in need of better access to finance to kick-start their growth. In the transition from start-up to scale-up, a critical factor for a growing business is the quality and flexibility of available funds.

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A better solution to SME's event-driven funding needs?

06/08/2018 - The ThinCats Team

SME event-driven finance is fast becoming the natural terrain of the alternative finance industry. Before the financial crisis, banks dominated all areas of business lending. Alternative finance meant getting some money from your mum. But things have changed. Regulation over the past decade has forced banks to retrench. In the years immediately after the crisis, net lending to SMEs fell heavily into negative territory.

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How alternative lending can help close the UK productivity gap

23/07/2018 - The ThinCats Team

British industry is caught in a paradox. There has been a severe slowdown in productivity since the financial crisis, despite the world going through what’s been described as the fourth industrial revolution. It’s as if Watt develops the steam engine, Stevenson builds his rocket, Cartwright unveils the mechanical loom and Britain’s rate of growth somehow still slows.

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A new approach to funding UK businesses

12/07/2018 - The ThinCats Team

By opening up new flows of capital to UK SMEs, alternative finance is playing an important part in helping UK talent drive improved economic growth. Read our paper on why the UK should care about finding alternatives to traditional bank funding, the benefits to businesses and the future of funding

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SMEs – are they the new ‘financially excluded’?

12/07/2018 - The ThinCats Team

The banking network is shrinking, and it is bad news for businesses. The good thing is, there’s now an alternative.

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Where have all the bankers gone?

28/02/2018 - The ThinCats Team

Banking has changed beyond all recognition over the last decade. Many high streets are now with-out a traditional bank as, according to The Times, some 802 branches closed in 2017 alone – a figure that seems certain to accelerate this year.

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Storyboarding to success. 5 years of funding with 3DD Productions

16/02/2018 - The ThinCats Team

For our longstanding investors, the name 3DD Productions will be quite recognisable. Over the years they have successfully raised 15 loans through ThinCats, with continuing plans for growth.

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The rise of the machines v the human touch

31/01/2018 - Ravi Anand

Amid current fascination with driverless cars, it’s worth considering how far we are from a driverless credit process, as it were – what do algorithms and AI have to offer, and what still requires human consideration?

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Enabling employee ownership when the banks won’t engage – Network ROI’s story

18/01/2018 - The ThinCats Team

Management buy-outs are a staple of the alternative lending industry, and ThinCats has been happy to help a large number of management teams make this happen. Employee buy-outs are somewhat rarer, but this is what has been successfully accomplished.

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ThinCats has partnered with The Manufacturer to offer £100m in funding to growing and expanding manufacturing SMEs

13/12/2017 - The ThinCats Team

The £100m of funding will see our UK-wide network of Origination Managers supporting those companies in the manufacturing sector that require a level of capital to take their businesses forward, and prepare for 4IR.

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