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Unpacking retirement planning and P2P

31st May 2017   ·   The ThinCats Team   ·   Insights

P2P investments can play a vital role in retirement planning.

Over the coming months, we will be taking a look at key issues around P2P loans and retirement planning. Challenges for retirement planning include:

  • Finding income-bearing securities that produce a sufficient yield in a low interest environment,
  • Generating sufficient income from your portfolio without eroding capital at a rate that threatens future needs,
  • How to manage the risk of selling assets in market dips which can severely erode the value of your portfolio over time, and
  • Managing the potential illiquidity that is inherent in peer to peer lending.

In a world of squeezed yields, we will analyse how P2P loans compare with other income-bearing assets, whether conventional bonds or equity income, and how these may fit into a portfolio.

We will also look at the various merits of holding within pension wrappers such as SIPPs or SSASs versus the impending Innovative Finance ISA, and the tax implications of each.

Most importantly, these articles should serve as a reference for you, our lenders. We therefore want to know what your questions and concerns are. If there is anything you would like addressed, please contact us at, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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