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ThinCats extends credit team in the Midlands and North

21st Feb 2018   ·   The ThinCats Team   ·   News

Our team continues to expand as we appoint Rob Thompson to the newly-created role of regional head of credit for the North.

The move is part of our plan to increase the volume and quality of loans we are originating, by providing strong regional support.

Rob’s role will accelerate the rate at which we are able to structure and process loans, in the way that best addresses the needs of companies and investors alike.

Rob said: “I’ll be working alongside our origination team to shape and structure the deals, helping resolve any problems and being actively involved in the whole credit process right the way through to completion.”

Rob is supporting Geoff O’Brien in Scotland, Maureen Armstrong in the North East and Matthew Lawrence and Mark Tunley in the Midlands, with a further new recruit to be announced to cover the North West from March.

Damon Walford, Chief Development Officer, said: “Business borrowers are frequently frustrated when they deal with ‘conventional’ lenders, in that the Relationship Managers they deal with appear to be like a post-box into which they drop their requirements, with the decisions being made by a far-off and faceless credit team.

“That isn’t the case with ThinCats; we act as a Team and ask the right questions at the outset. We make the whole process more efficient.”

Rob added: “That’s what first attracted me to ThinCats – we understand how a business works and listen to its financing needs, rather than using a remotely-executed tick-box approach that frustrates so many companies trying to raise finance. ThinCats analytics are first class and the data-mining exceptional.”

Rob will join Originators in meetings with potential borrowers, particularly the larger or more complicated loans, to get a hands-on sense of the requirements.

Rob has worked in the banking sector since 1979. He has worked in commercial and corporate finance for Barclays, Co-op, Santander, and set up AIB Capital Markets corporate finance operation in the North.

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