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Funding story of 3DD

1st Oct 2019   ·   The ThinCats Team   ·   Funding Stories

With 25 years of international licensing and more than 10 years building its production strands, 3DD Entertainment continues its programming expansion from live music television and documentaries on stars of film and music into history and factual genres.

Their global business, dealing with such names as Sky and Netflix, needs a particular contract style with extended payment terms and long-term commitments, necessitating an ongoing funding requirement that ThinCats have been able to support since 2014.

3DD’s CEO, Dominic Saville, describes how the loans have helped drive the business forward: “Initially, they enabled us to maintain our capital expenditure on new production strands, as well as rely less on outside post-production services at their higher rates.

“The whole relationship with ThinCats at that time, and the next five years, has transformed the business into having a library of a thousand programmes now, and create a business that has a long future.”

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