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Funding ambitions and providing a true alternative

14th Dec 2017   ·   The ThinCats Team   ·   News


You will see that the ThinCats website has been given a make-over – a look that is being reflected throughout our materials.

Our new look has come about after a huge amount of development and growth within ThinCats.  Therefore, we are proud to unveil the new ThinCats and are very excited about the year ahead. 


Freedom song

We wanted a look that reflected the freedom to research, discuss and select a broad range of loans for our investors, plus the freedom from the layers of bureaucracy, legacy processes and high overheads that impact upon the service and proposition to businesses. In turn, we give today’s entrepreneurial businesses freedom to seize opportunities, realise their potential, maximise productivity, grow their revenues and expand into new areas.


Three little words

The three most important words in the ThinCats vocabulary are Pioneering, Personal and Pragmatic:

Pioneers: Our history was built on our pioneering approach, as is our future. Our award-winning data modelling system identifies those SMEs with great prospects and a pending need for finance; often they are overlooked by the banks, or the banks simply don’t have the skills or time to consider them.

Personal: Every referral to ThinCats receives the personal attention of our origination team. From our first contact to putting the funding facility in place, clients can be sure we will support them every step of the way.

Pragmatic: We look at each deal on its own merits. We are flexible but robust in our credit analysis, ensuring we deliver consistency and certainty of funding.

We’ve designed the site to be easier to navigate, with clearly delineated areas for investors, businesses and their advisers and brokers.

We will also be building up the library of material on the site to provide you with useful information on how you build and maintain a suitable portfolio of marketplace loans.

Investment into the business will continue, and you will see these developments progress, both in terms of the loans we offer and the ease with which you can access them.

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