About ThinCats

ThinCats is an online peer to peer lending platform specialising in loans with security. ThinCats links experienced investors with established business borrowers to provide a serious alternative to high street banks. ThinCats was founded by Kevin Caley, Peter Brown and Paul Meier in 2011 partly in response to the banking crisis that began in 2008. Bank deposit interest rates have been at a record low since March 2009 and volatile financial markets make it very difficult to manage any investment portfolio to achieve income above inflation, let alone consistent growth. We offer a different class of investment which provides an attractive rate of interest  and a regular fixed monthly income.

Intended to meet the needs of anyone managing an investment portfolio (including individuals, pension fund managers and companies with cash deposits), ThinCats provides direct access to a market sector traditionally occupied by high street banks.

  • Lenders get attractive rates of interest and fixed monthly payments of interest and capital
  • Borrowers can get loans of up to £5m over periods ranging from a few months to five years or more at competitive rates in order to develop their business.

An introduction to ThinCats