Helping the mid-sized thrive

At ThinCats we believe talent, creativity and hard work should be the drivers of success for UK businesses, not access to funding.  

Mid-sized SMEs account for more than 25% of UK GDP yet often struggle to access the finance they need. These businesses deserve better. ThinCats exists to fill this gap and help these mid-sized businesses thrive. 

We are proud to be opening up new sources of long-term institutional capital, worth billions of pounds, to the mid-sized businesses that make such an important contribution to the UK’s economy. 


Empowering businesses to achieve their potential

We are dedicated to supporting growing and ambitious businesses with funding provided by institutional investors. We work together with SMEs and their advisers to find smart and bespoke solutions, recognising the need for a flexible and forward-thinking mind set. We use big data, but also our experience and common sense, assessing deals on their own merits.

Connected in the community

ThinCats relies on its regional teams of ‘boots-on-the-ground’ funding experts who have decades of SME lending experience between them and are fully connected to the communities in which they operate. ThinCats combines its proven PRISM data with its local knowledge to identify those businesses that are poised to grow and shares that data with business advisers to help them support their clients’ needs. 



The Leadership Team


Amany Attia


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Ravi Anand

Managing Director

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Rolf Hickmann

Senior Adviser, Data Analytics

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Greg Beamish

Head of Credit

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Gareth Rumsey

Head of Data Analytics

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Jill Sandford

Head of Loan Management

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Mark Guttridge

Chief Financial Officer

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Mike Hackett

Head of Sales

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Jenny Morton

Head of Investor Reporting

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Steve O'Neill

Chief Technology Officer

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