Earn a great rate of interest on your savings by lending to growing UK businesses

ThinCats provides a means for those experienced private investors, companies, pension funds and institutions to achieve interest rates well above inflation while providing funding to creditworthy businesses. By operating as a peer to peer lending platform, we link individuals with funds to businesses that require funding. ThinCats employs a system of 'sponsors' who give reassurance to both lenders and borrowers. While other platforms base their decisions on credit scores, sponsors go behind the numbers. More information on the sponsors and their role is available here.

Key benefits for members

  • Well selected and monitored peer to peer lending opportunities
  • Security on every loan
  • Ability to access invested money early by selling on the Secondary Market
  • No membership fees
  • Attractive fixed rates of interest
  • Ability to spread funds across a broad portfolio
  • Management of administration and legal documentation on behalf of the loan syndicate

How does it work?

Once registered members deposit money into their ThinCats account they can then access the lenders' forum and bid on auctions. The minimum bid is £1000. There is no maximum. If a variable auction, members pick the interest rate they are happy with and if their bid is successful they get the rate they have chosen. They can make multiple bids at different rates of interest and for different amounts. If more than one bid is successful they will have more than one stake in that loan.

More detailed information is available in the lending FAQs section and in our Terms and Conditions.

What is the Secondary Market?

The Secondary Market allows members to buy and sell their loans. This means that if lenders need the money with little notice, and the loan is deemed suitable for sale, they can sell their loans to others. It allows new lenders to build a portfolio of loans much more quickly than they would if they were waiting for the auctions and loans to be drawn down. It also provides a means for members to access their invested money early by selling their loan parts. There is a fee involved with selling on the secondary market, lenders pay the higher of £25 or 1% of the principle outstanding, capped at £75. Purchasers pay no fee. Not all loans are deemed suitable for sale on the secondary market for a range of reasons.

Find out more about the Secondary Market

Who can be a member?

Individuals, limited companies and pension funds can all be ThinCats members. A SSAS is now the most flexible way for experienced investors to lend via a pension fund

While anyone can be a member, ThinCats is intended for experienced investors who understand the nature of the risks involved and probably already manage a portfolio of investments. If you are not sure what to do you should seek independent expert advice before making any type of peer to peer investment.

How to apply

Registering as a member is easy - Just follow the step by step instructions on our Registration page. Membership is free and there is no obligation to bid.


Membership is free and there is no obligation to bid.


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We cover a large range of questions about lending in our FAQ

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