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An investment through the ThinCats platform involves making secured loans directly to individual businesses and therefore your capital is at risk and interest payments are not guaranteed if the borrower defaults and it transpires that the value of security held to protect against borrower default is insufficient to repay your capital and interest. Your experience of defaults will affect your earnings through lending on the Platform. Please click on the "What are the risks?" button to read more.

About us is an online peer to peer lending platform for secured business loans. By bypassing banks both lenders and borrowers can receive a better deal. We link experienced investors with established business borrowers.

Please note there are risks involved with peer to business lending. Please make sure you read our section about the risks before you consider lending.


Lenders earn an average of 9%* interest by lending through ThinCats

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Borrowers can raise loans between £100,000 & £3m at fixed competitive rates

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Our accredited Sponsors make sure deals on the ThinCats platform are high quality and low risk

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What people are saying about us


I can choose what businesses I want to support and I know what my money is being used for. 

Spode | lender & forum member


The ThinCats process was not only fast and efficient but we were literally inundated with offers from investors! 

Kevin Singh | borrower


The people who run ThinCats implement innovations to their offerings and systems regularly and do not appear to have run out of ideas. 

Alan John | lender

Member of the peer to peer finance association

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ThinCats are proud to be a member of the Peer to Peer Finance Association, the industry association which represent debt based alternative finance providers operating electronic platforms. P2PFA membership covers over 95% of the peer to peer lending market. The P2PFA work closely with their members to help with the transition into the new FCA regulatory regime.

Risk warning - please read

Investment with ThinCats involves making secured loans to small and medium sized businesses and like all investments that involves some risk. Unlike other types of investment the value of your investment will not go down or up in value depending upon the performance of financial markets. You will never receive more back than the interest that has been agreed and you should not receive any less. The principal reason that you may not get all of your money back is if the borrower fails to repay as agreed and while loan default rates in the sector have so far been low, you may not get all your money back when you lend on a p2p lending platform. More information about managing the risks involved with lending on ThinCats is available by clicking here.

Please note we are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Instead the FCA requires peer to peer platforms to hold a capital buffer and have robust plans to run off outstanding loans should any platform fail.